Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Journalist, translator, editor.

Rachel is a writer whose work has appeared on i-D, The Guardian, Broadly, Fusion and more. She also works as a freelance editor and translator, and dabbles in film photography in her spare time.

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In the Heat and the Haze: Marguerite Duras's Love Affair

The real life affair of writer Marguerite Duras in 1930s French Indochina (former Vietnam) challenged gender, social and racial stereotypes. Nearly a century later, Rachel Wilson revisits this transgressive yet ever-intoxicating relationship in Duras's award-winning novel, "The Lover".

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Fusion Comics | The Story of the Jane Collective, the Women Who Started an ...

The Story of Jane: the women who started an illegal abortion service

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HEAR - Gig review: ABABCd season finale - Three Thousand

I’d almost forgotten how much stage banter can improve a band’s performance until Loose Tooth took to the stage at Banalarama’s season finale of ABABCd. There was a particularly well-timed anecdote about drummer Etta’s three way kiss. Don’t ask me to repeat the details, just know the onstage charm somehow made their garage-pop all the more danceable and memorable (no mean feat when you’ve got the opening slot on a line-up of some of the city’s most beloved bands).

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ThreeThousand | Vertigo, wonder and sogginess at the inaugural Rose Quartz festival

On Saturday night at Rose Quartz Festival, I found myself staring up at the galaxy-clad sky. The glow of bright stars and clusters of smaller, weaker stars swirled around the deep blackness above. It was beautiful. I get why star-gazers do it. But instead of the tranquil surrounds of a silent, still night, all around me there were people shimmying and stumbling while a doof worm wrapped itself around my frontal lobe and pulsed in 4/4 time.

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moving beyond the old it girl narrative in 2016

i-D UK | With the rise of social media and the opportunity it affords young stars to control their own narratives, the passive It Girl has given way to a new generation, who don't need profiles in the New Yorker to do the talking for them, because they're doing it themselves.

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you don't want to be an it girl in 2016

i-D ANZ | With the rise of social media and the opportunity it affords blooming stars to control their own narratives, nobody needs the "It Girl" anymore.

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Iris Fills The Room | Filmme Fatales

Iris Apfel is all expanse. This is the lesson taught by the 2015 documentary—directed by the late and legendary Albert Maysles—that bears her name. When Apfel gets dressed, she's staking her claim to space and using her dress as a subversive, audacious statement on female territory.

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yeezy's madonnas and wiz's whores: where does the kanye–khalifa ...

The rappers may have resolved their very public war of words, but the exchange raised difficult questions over Kanye's view of women.

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David Bowie Would Have Hated The Tribute That The Brit Awards Have Planned For Him

The problem is, it’s not very exciting – and exciting was something of Bowie’s speciality. The man deserves a dignified farewell, not an ugly chimera of performers whose only link to him is a monarch and an English accent.

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10 Cool Songs That Have Little Chance of Appearing in the Hottest 100 | NOISEY

If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Bec Rigby’s voice before, you’re in for a treat. The Harpoons specialise in a modern sounding R’n’B style, taken to new heights with Rigby’s distinct vibrato. “Ready For Your Love” shows off The Harpoons at their best with calypso drums and feel-good vibes.

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ABABCd is For Those Unsure Whether to Go to a Gig or Watch TV | NOISEY

Banalarama is a strange beast. Formed by Zac Bradtke and Nick Clarke, the emerging Melbourne 'TV' channel has an odd brood of series nestled under its wing. Among these is ABABCd, a music show that sees the duo putting on gigs, filming the whole thing and then editing it down into 20-minute episodes that are then released online.

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Chook Race Are Thinking of Thoreau on New Single, ‘At Your Door’ | NOISEY

Chook Race’s new single “At Your Door” sounds like you’ve stumbled across the band rehearsing in their garage, in a good way.

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STRAY - Camp Nong 2015, tops and bottoms - Three Thousand

The pool party on Day One is a call to arms. You’re here, you’ve arrived: kick back, it’s time to have fun. Aperol Spritzes are served poolside and the beats are ramped up. It’s not long before the pristine pool’s water quality becomes questionable. Happy campers play volleyball and no one seems to be able to mount the inflatable fish. Other poolside highlights include the impromptu dance-off on Day Two led by some spectacular choreographers and the group-led whirlpools.

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STREET - Camp Nong 2015

Nong on, travellers... | Camp Nong 2015 Street Gallery