Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Journalist, translator, editor.

Rachel is a writer whose work has appeared on i-D, The Guardian, Broadly, Fusion and more. She also works as a freelance editor and translator, and dabbles in film photography in her spare time.

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Blackcat article

13 Ways To Pretend You're From Melbourne When You're Not

AWOL | The Melburnian lifestyle is an enviable one; despite the swiftly changing weather and questionable public transport, living in Melbourne immediately affords you a baseline cool-factor.

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48 Hours On Australia’s Most Idyllic Tropical Island

As the plane began its descent, I was roused from my sleep by a flurry of movement in the cabin. What had been a black nightscape just three hours before, was now a tableau of glittering azures and deep ultramarines. Sunlight streamed through the glass and as we came into land it seemed we would do so on the crystal clear waters. I stepped out onto the tarmac and was warmed by a welcoming breeze. The chill of the early morning Melbourne air seemed like a distant memory. I’d arrived in paradise.

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7 Essential Travelling Tips For Introverts

The travelling narrative is a populated one: images of half-dressed figures jumping into lagoons and friends smiling at the camera are the go-to when you picture a trip overseas. Going abroad for any length of time, it seems you’re expected to come home with a killer tan and 50 new Facebook friends whose native tongues combined outnumber the flights it took you to meet them.

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8 Films That Will Inspire You To Travel

There are travels that have inspired films and then there’s films that inspire travel: in fact, it seems to be a pretty cyclical relationship. Capturing a country’s sights and sounds in moving picture is one of the best ways to instil the prospective traveler with a sense of adventure. Telling incredible stories, capturing the most stunning landscapes or simply showing you what else is out there: these films will have you running to the nearest airport to book a one-way ticket on the next flight leaving the ground.