Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Journalist, translator, editor.

Rachel is a writer whose work has appeared on i-D, The Guardian, Broadly, Fusion and more. She also works as a freelance editor and translator, and dabbles in film photography in her spare time.

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Bowie awards article

David Bowie Would Have Hated The Tribute That The Brit Awards Have Planned For Him

The problem is, it’s not very exciting – and exciting was something of Bowie’s speciality. The man deserves a dignified farewell, not an ugly chimera of performers whose only link to him is a monarch and an English accent.

Ababcd 001 colour selects 9 %281%29 article

ABABCd is For Those Unsure Whether to Go to a Gig or Watch TV | NOISEY

Banalarama is a strange beast. Formed by Zac Bradtke and Nick Clarke, the emerging Melbourne 'TV' channel has an odd brood of series nestled under its wing. Among these is ABABCd, a music show that sees the duo putting on gigs, filming the whole thing and then editing it down into 20-minute episodes that are then released online.

Chookpic article

Chook Race Are Thinking of Thoreau on New Single, ‘At Your Door’ | NOISEY

Chook Race’s new single “At Your Door” sounds like you’ve stumbled across the band rehearsing in their garage, in a good way.